Customized Training For Corporate & Community-Based Organizations

Since 1992, our Center for Training and Professional Development has provided training and technical assistance to help corporate and community-based organizations address program challenges and develop innovative approaches that enhanced existing or developing mentoring programs.

In-person, over the phone, or by written consultations, we’re ready to provide free advice and resources to help with issues organizations may face when dealing with mentoring programs, including:

  • Review and feedback of program policies/procedures or grant proposals
  • Discussion and clarification of a program’s mission, goals, and ways to evaluate progress toward reaching those goals
  • Provision of resources about recruiting and screening volunteers
  • Tips on managing volunteers, youth, and families


On-site training

With this fee-based service, we can develop and facilitate customized training for other organizations’ volunteers and/or staff. Training topics include:

  • Exploring the role of the volunteer
  • Relationship building with youth
  • Communication skills
  • Youth development
  • Managing cultural diversity
  • Training the trainer
  • Other programmatic issues


Training for Bigs 

STRATEGIC ENHANCEMENT TO MENTORING PROGRAMS (SEMP) provides online continuing education for current Bigs. Click here to visit the SEMP site. 


For more information on receiving Technical Assistance or to set up customized training, please contact the Training Center at 212-686-2042 or email